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Congratulations Karma Peterson!!!

The latest winner of the Melanated Law™️ LSAT Prep Bundle has been announced! Congratulations to Karma Peterson for winning this very generous donation! Here are a few words from Karma:

Hi, my name is Karma Peterson and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice. I have just begun my law school journey and I am over liberated with the amount of love and support I have received, particularly from black women.

I am interested in attending law school because of my passion for learning. I also have a passion for youth development, specifically in the area of education. I want to ensure the education policies passed are in the best interests of black/brown students. Receiving this bundle giveaway would allow me to practice taking the LSAT to ensure the highest test score possible. After taking the LSAT I plan to apply to Cleveland Marshall Law.

If you are a follower of this blog, then you know that our major goal is to increase the number of melanted attorneys, and to help aspiring law students overcome some of the finanancial obstacles they may face. Every little bit helps! If you would like to donate please contact us at We are currently working on our 501(c)(3) status so that your donations can be tax deductible, but in the meantime we offer complete transparancy in our donation process. Anything that is donated is publicized on our website, and you are able to actually see who you are helping. Thank you so much to all of our wonderful supporters. Congrats again to Karma! I have no doubt that you will be an amazing attorney. For all of our other subscriber's be on the lookout for the next giveaway coming soon!!

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