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Congratulations to Brittney Simpson!!!

The second Melanated Law free raffle winner has been selected, and I have to tell you....this one feels extra special. Brittney Simpson is a first-generation, non-traditional pre-law student. She keeps family and faith in the forefront which is something that I also hold dear. In her statement, she says that winning this raffle is confirmation to pursue her law school journey, but her statement is also confirmation to me that continuing these raffles is absolutely a part of what I am called to do. Read all about Brittney below:

"I am a Christian, first-generation, and non-traditional pre-law student. Because of my faith, I am learning more about pursuing our God-given purpose. Little did I know, our purpose may be a task we feel unqualified to do. Out of obedience to God, I am pursuing this journey afraid and lost might I add.

I am most thankful for Melanated Law, as it confirmation that God is with me on this journey. I know this book will help me with the questions I have and the ones I don’t yet know to ask. I am super excited about winning the book! I do believe that it will make my transition to law school easier as I plan to attend Fall 2022. Thank you so much, Melanated Law for being an angel on the earth. I plan to contribute some of my resources to bless others the same way you have blessed me. Continue to allow God to use you. You have truly made a difference in my life. "

Stories like Brittney's are why I will absolutely continue this work, and I invite you to join in partnership with Melanated Law to help bridge the gap and make things a little easier for minority law students. If you have any materials that you are willing to donate please reach out to or Every single donation goes to aspiring and current law school students.

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