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Donyatta Small: Aspiring Lawyer & Winner of the Melanated Law 1L Success Raffle!

Melanated Law is proud to announce the winner of our first of MANY giveaways: Donyatta Small! Donyatta and I first met when she came across my profile while "going down the University of New Hampshire IP Law rabbit hole". Our interaction and chance meeting is the very reason I started Melanated Law. As aspiring minority students, we often have to seek out assistance by thinking out of the box. The goal of Melanated Law is to provide information, networking, and eventually scholarships to aspiring minority law students, and to be a singular resource for those students. Our mindset is that we reach back to help others as we climb and we hope to instill that in everyone connected to Melanated Law.

Donyatta has a very impressive background, and I have no doubt that she will be successful in her pursuit of a legal eduation. Be sure to check out her bio below!

Donyatta Small is the Director of Administrative Computing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the Office of the Vice Chancellor and the Division of Student Life. She leads a team of 3 individuals to provide infrastructure support, maintenance and operations for IT systems to a community of over 800 members. She previously served as a co-chair of MIT’s Women in Technology Employee Resource Group, where she worked closely with central Human Resources to improve IT job descriptions to make them more accessible to women. She has always harbored a passion for the law, but her life experiences in IT has awakened her desire to apply to law school. When she’s not putting out computer fires at MIT, Donyatta enjoys learning languages, karaoke, and kayaking. She currently lives in Mexico with her partner of 5 years and their 4lb chihuahua.

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