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Free Giveaway- The LSAT Trainer

This is my absolute favorite thing to do! I love being able to offer assistance to those in need, and this next free raffle does just that. Through generous donations we are able to offer free resources to aspiring minority law students. Every single donation goes to purchasing materials, and all the materials donated are given away. If you would like to partner with or donate to Melanated Law please reach out to or and someone will be able to walk you through that process. Whether you are a new subscriber or you have been with us for a while, you know that here at Melanated Law our main goal is to help both aspiring and current law students! This next giveaway is for The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim. If you would like to be entered into the drawing simply head over to the Melanated Law home page and enter your email address to subscribe. All subscribers are automatically entered, so if you have previously subscribed then you are already entered. The only thing we ask of the winner is for a short statement and headshot to be featured on our blog when we announce the winner. We love to show our supporters exactly where their donations are going! Drawing will be held on March 31st and the winner will be announced shortly after. Good luck everyone!!

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