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WOTD: Scholarship

I was recently added to the "Black Girls Do Law" (@blackgirlsdolaw on Instagram) and someone dropped a link to a law school scholarship databank. ( with hundreds of scholarships for those that were going into the study of law, and I was absolutely determined to apply for every single one for which I was qualified. After three days of applying for scholarships, I finally found a way to streamline the process. It is probably not as groundbreaking as I think, but it helped me streamline the process. It grew tiresome searching through the scholarship qualifications, and then applying for it once I determined that I was eligible. So, I started prescreening one to two pages at a time, and if I determined that I wanted to qualify for that particular scholarship, then I would email the website of the scholarship application to myself. Once I got through one or two pages of the search results, then I would go to my emails and use it as a sort of checklist to apply for each scholarship that I emailed myself. Like I said, it's probably not groundbreaking, but if you are looking for tips to make applying for scholarships a little bit easier and streamlined, then this blog post is for you.

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